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Cartesian adj : of or relating to Rene Descartes or his works; "Cartesian linguistics"

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  1. Of, or pertaining to, Descartes, his mathematical methods, or his philosophy, especially with regard to its emphasis on logical analysis and its mechanistic interpretation of physical nature.
  2. In the context of "mathematics|cartography": Of, or pertaining to, co-ordinates based on mutually orthogonal axes.


of or pertaining to Descartes
  • Dutch: cartesisch
  • Finnish: karteesinen
of or pertaining to coordinates based on orthogonal axes
  • Dutch: cartesisch
  • Finnish: karteesinen

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Cartesian means of or relating to the French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes. See:
In mathematics, the following meanings are found:
In other regards:
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